Monday, June 22, 2015

Hot hot hot= Fire!

I don't know if you heard or not, but there is a huge fire down here!!  Currently it's pretty far away, but the sky has been full of smoke for days! One morning we went out to the truck and there was a layer of ash on the hood.  Like snow haha.  Crazy!  Don't worry though.  We are nice and safe.

This week was a pretty good one!  We picked up a new investigator named Raven.  She is super cool.  Her and her family live on a Pistachio nut farm way out in the middle of the desert haha.  She's super awesome! We had some other lessons this week too that were pretty good.  There were several days in a row though that NO ONE answered the door.  Just hours of trying to see people and nobody answering.  It was kinda rough.  This week should be way better though.  

This Thursday we have Zone Conferences.  Which means we are actually getting Ipads!!  Next Monday I'll be emailing from an Ipad :)  I can't believe its actually happening this time.  I don't think I'm going to believe it until it's in my hand haha.  

I'm glad to hear that you made it back to Utah safe!  It sounds like it was a fun trip!!  I'm glad grandpa is getting the stuff he needs.  

Sounds like some crazy stuff happening in the next couple weeks! It'll be fun to have everyone there haha.  

Well, I think that's about all the exciting stuff. Hope you have a great week! Love you all! Missionary work is the bomb. :)

Love, Elder Wise

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