Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I feel like I'm in a western movie.  Cacti, Joshua trees, coyotes, jack-rabbits, rattlesnakes, scorpions, and lots and lots of sand and dirt.  It's so legit!! Too bad I'm not riding a horse haha. Yucca Mesa ward is super cool though!  And our area is ginormous! I think the highlight for me is that we do a lot of off-roading too haha.  I would say probably 75% of our area is dirt roads.  Luckily we have a truck with 4-wheel drive haha.  We have a great time.  Don't worry, most of the time we don't need 4 wheel drive.  We have only had to use it once so far.  It's so fun!  I'll be sure to send some pics.

My companion is Elder Houskeeper.  He is from Centerville UT.  He seems to be adjusting to missionary life quite well!  He is allergic to Dairy, Beef, and all nuts.  Which makes dinner a little interesting sometimes haha.  And he likes to play basketball.  

So our area covers several cities.  We have a big chunk of Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, and a city called Landers.  All very spread out.  The work seems to be going pretty well! The missionaries who were here before us were really good.  It was Elder Raff and Elder Berry.  Elder Berry finished his 2 years, and Elder Raff became the AP! But they left us a couple solid people.  One of them is on date for July 25.  Her name is Sister Huffer.  She is pretty cool!  So that is pretty sweet.  We spent the last couple of days just trying to get used to the area and introducing ourselves to people. It was great!   Our roommate's, Elder Siddoway and Elder Thornton, loaned us a GPS so we can get around.  The only problem is the GPS gets us lost more often than not haha. Luckily we have maps too. 

So yeah!  It was a pretty good week!  And this week we have a temple trip scheduled for Wednesday!  So that will be super fun too! 

Wow Hannah is going to Russia! That's awesome!! Good for her! And we will get to both speak on the same day? Right on!  That'll be sweet! 

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week!!  Love you all!  The church is true.  

Love, Elder Wise

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