Monday, June 8, 2015

Hot hot hot

So.  The big news.  I'm getting transferred!  I'll be heading out to the desert again!  And I'll be training!  I'll be serving in the Yucca Mesa ward out in the 29 Palms area.  It's going to be like 120+ degrees.  And I'll be there for the hottest part of the summer!  Joy! But that's where I will be finishing my mission.  It'll be great!

And this week was pretty awesome!  Especially Tom's baptism!  I had this feeling the whole time like we were missing something, but we weren't.  The whole thing went as smooth as butter! It was really great. And Elder Chavez was able to come back and watch it.  So that was pretty cool. I'll try to send pics, but it might not work out because the computers are being really slow and horrible today. 

Let's see...all the investigators are doing pretty well.  We had a really good lesson with Paige on Saturday and we have another tonight.  So it will be pretty awesome.  I think she will be baptized sometime soon.  Elder Landgrave will keep working with her.  Kimberly is doing great too! We have a lesson with her tonight as well.  

I'm going to miss Yucaipa!  But I am excited to go back to the desert.  It should be pretty fun! Hopefully I will be returning here for some baptisms in the near future. :)

Glad to hear your summer vacation is going good so far!  Sounds like these next couple weeks are going to be pretty crazy! Be sure to drive safe this week!

Glad to hear the wedding went well too! Good for Jared! I wish I could've heard Kiley's song haha.  I bet it was super awesome.  

I hope you get to go boating today! That would be so cool!  I miss that sooooo much haha. 

Well, I hope you all have a great week!  Love you all! 

Love, Elder Wise

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